OFC is delighted to announce our latest club partnership with local wealth management specialists Benewealth.

“When brainstorming ways that we as a group could give back to the community, the idea of supporting kids in sports was suggested.  In particular soccer, a sport that means something to each of the 3 owners became top of mind. I let the other partners know what a terrific job that the Okanagan Football Club (OFC) has done all through-out the pandemic in keeping their kids engaged and active.  From regular zoom meetings, to work-out programs, to ongoing fun group challenges the OFC has managed to keep the kids excited about soccer” said Dustin Noble, co-owner of Benewealth 

“From there, an exchange of ideas between the group and Andy Stevenson, owner of OFC, soon resulted in our sponsorship of the Fall training sessions through 2020.  Assuming there will be soccer games played in 2021, we’ve also committed to being the OFC’s platinum sponsor for next year.  The ultimate goal of this sponsorship is to introduce more Okanagan families (and kids in particular) to the sport of soccer.  We feel that soccer offers a relatively low cost activity, where kids can learn to be part of a team, to be active, and to really enjoy themselves.  All things that they’ll be able to take with them as they progress in life.”     

Keep an eye out for OFC and Benewealth banners at a field near you!