Andy Stevenson

Andy is the executive director and founder of Okanagan FC. He holds a Provincial B coaching license.

Early Coaching (2001-2006)

Burnham Juniors FC, Saron Juniors FC

Andy started down the path of coaching when coach Andrew was 6 years old, and coached his team at a variety of ages from U8-U12 in both England and Wales. In 2006, they moved to Canada, and Andy was looking forward to taking a step back and being able to watch and enjoy the games as a parent again.

Starting in Canada

TOFC U13-U16, Soccaskool Founder, Kelowna United U16 Head Coach, LCYSA head coach, OMYSA head coach

After a short and disappointing U12 season in Kelowna, Andy believed he could make a better job of player development. This experience led to him applying to coach the U13 TOFC team the following season. 4 seasons later, the 1994/95 TOFC boys were one of the most successful in the clubs recent history, winning an impressive haul of tournaments and qualifying for the North American Championahips in Florida, 2009. The team finished in a competitive 8th place from 16 teams, earning positive results against both the New York and Boston champion sides.

Okanagan FC (2018- )

Owner/Executive Director OFC, PCSL Team Coach

Andy now works alongside his son Andrew, running Okanagan FC and determined to change the soccer culture in this region. Throughout the years, Andy has been incredibly frustrated by the local player development systems – especially the segmented nature of it. His mission is simple, create an exceptional cradle-to-grave soccer club for passionate players and fans, and to spread the love of the game across the Okanagan Valley

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