How and when can I register my child on the OFC Academy ?

Registration for each Academy phase opens around a month before the start date of the phase There are several different phases during the calendar year and details can be found on the Academy page on this site.

Is there a tryout for the Academy Program ?

No. The OFC Academy is an open registration program.

How old does my child need to be to join the Academy Program ?

Our youngest academy players are 5.

Who are the coaches on the OFC Academy Program ?

All classes are coached by our qualified staff coaches with a player to coach ratio of around 12:1

How can my child become a member of an Okanagan FC team ?

There are a number of ways. If a player is part of the OFC Academy Program, and making good progress and doing well, we will identify their potential and invite them to an OFC evaluation. We also allow all players, whether they are part of the OFC Academy or not, to register for an evaluation at any time of the year….visit our Evaluations page to find out about that process. Finally, from time to time, we will have an open evaluations session where interested players can come along, join a training session, find out about the club, and be evaluated. We plan to have a few of these during Spring Break in 2021.

How old does my child need to be to join an OFC team ?

Our youngest team is U8.

Is Okanagan FC sanctioned by BC Soccer ?

Yes. We are currently an Associate Member of BC Soccer. Rules regarding Associate Membership have recently been changed and this year our club will transition to Full Membership status. We are also a BC Soccer Charter Club, which means that we have shown that the club operates to high standards both on and off the field. Visit our Charter Club page to find out more about this.

What is the OFC training schedule like ?

During Spring, Summer and Fall all of our teams generally train 3 times per week. During the Winter months, when we move indoors, we train twice per week

Is it compulsory to train all year round ?

No. We expect all OFC players to commit to the full program during Spring, Summer and Fall. Winter training is encouraged, but is optional.

How many matches do OFC teams play ?

We have a target of 15-20 matches during the Spring season, and the same again during the Summer/Fall season. So as a guide, 30-40 matches per year.

Do OFC teams enter tournaments ? Or play in a league ?

Our teams do not currently play in a league, but we do enter tournaments…..both here in The Okanagan and also in The Lower Mainland.

How often do OFC teams travel to The Lower Mainland ?

This can vary, but generally speaking around 3-4 times per year….perhaps twice in Spring and once or twice during the Fall. Players and their families are responsible for their own travel and accommodations for these travel weekends. We always make sure that a travel weekend includes a minimum of 3 matches and we are often able to build a playing schedule that allows for a one night, rather than a two night, stay.

Can OFC players participate in other clubs programs ?

That depends on the program. If it is a supplementary training program, yes absolutely. However, we do not allow OFC players to be included in other clubs teams. The reason for this is that, in our experience, when a player attempts to play for two teams there are always frequent conflicts in scheduling which result in the player needing to choose between one team and the other. This situation is always problematic and is unfair to both sets of team mates and both clubs.