Technical Development

The OFC guide to building stronger technique.

Through our technical development segment of “Building a Better Soccer Athlete” we will look at a series of exercises, challenges, articles and videos that can help build your understanding behind the methodology of developing a better soccer athlete. This section will be focussed on how to improve your technical ability as a player. Click here to check out the sections on physical development from our partners at Kinetic Evolution.

Exercises and challenges

Footwork and Juggling

Excellent footwork is essential for the elite soccer athlete, check out these exercises and challenges that can help improve this area of your game.

Dribbling and Control

An exceptional soccer athlete must be able to carry and protect the ball individually, without this ability it becomes very difficult to be an effective player. Check out our exercises to help you with both speed and control while dribbling, as well as instruction on how to do a variety of moves and turns.


Coach Tommy from West Coast Goalkeeping runs through a variety of goalkeeping activities to keep your hands and feet sharp!

Ball Striking

Passing, shooting, chipping, curling, driving and everything in between… we take a closer look at the techniques needed to strike the ball well. Improving your range and consistency of ball striking is a huge tool in any elite player’s arsenal.

further viewing

Classic Matches

Check out some classic matches throughout history, with some of the best teams and players of all time! All links lead to full matches.

HDC Training Videos

Join OFC First-Team player Brandon McCallum as he runs us through a variety of exercises that combine athletic and soccer elements.

Players to Watch

A list of players through all positions of the field that can be great role-models for our young players to aspire towards. Links are to individual player highlights and performances.

Articles and Features

A collection of external articles and features concerning all things player development. *coming soon*

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