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In an effort to better integrate our Academy Programs with our Soccer Club, ‘Soccaskool’ has been retired and replaced with the all new Okanagan FC Academy Programs for 2020 and beyond. Please read on to find out more….

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The Okanagan FC Junior Academy Program (formerly known as SOCCASKOOL) is offering a twice weekly, eight week, training program through March and April 2020. The program consists of several open and invitational classes. Invitational classes are OFC Development and Youth teams…these classes will have a third session per week added to their schedule.

Register for OFC tryouts HERE. 

Numbers of players on each class will be strictly limited. Classes 1 and 2 will be limited to 28 spaces each.

The cost of the program will be $320 plus tax, which equates to $20 per session. New players will be required to purchase an academy uniform at $50.

The new Okanagan FC Academy is a fantastic place to start on your development path. Our coaches have many years of experience working with players along the early stages of this process, with many of our graduates now competing in the BCSPL, playing on the BC Provincial Team, or even having earned a spot in the full time development program of Vancouver Whitecaps. We base our programs around technical development in a fun, engaging, high-energy environment.

The desire to play quality, simple soccer comes hand in hand with a development process that starts at a young age. As a “mini” it is most important that a player be able to perform individual actions with the ball, such as a wide range of ways to stop the ball and change direction. These players also should be able to begin understanding the foundations of 1v1 play, and how to advance the ball beyond an opponent. As the development process advances, the players need to be guided in their discovery of team-play, and taught how to work together in conjunction with their teammates to deal with slightly more complex soccer situations like 2v1, 3v2, 3v3 and even up to their 4v4 training game format.

“Playing football is very simple, playing simple football is the hardest thing there is.” Johan Cruyff

At Okanagan FC, we believe that to get the optimum experience from the game of soccer, that everything should begin and end with the ball… but in a game where two teams are constantly locked in a battle for control over one ball, there are complications to this.

“The most specific points of attention with the youngest players are the basic technical skills involved in playing 4v4 in training… passing, receiving and dribbling – to advance the ball or beat an opponent….these sessions serve as the basis wherein ingredients such as time, space, direction, speed, opponents, enjoyment and challenge play a role. The good cook (coach) knows how to play with these ingredients.” Rinus Michels (UEFA Coach of the Century)

We are proud of our Academy Program, and of the players we have worked with and helped to develop over the years.

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OFC Academy Info


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