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The OFC Academy

The OFC Academy is the perfect place to pursue your soccer ambitions. We strive to foster a culture of excellence and always try to push the players to fulfil their potential.
“The most specific points of attention with the youngest players are the basic technical skills involved in playing 4v4 in training… passing, receiving and dribbling – to advance the ball or beat an opponent… these sessions serve as the basis wherein ingredients such as time, space, direction, speed, opponents, enjoyment and challenge play a role. The good cook (coach) knows how to play with these ingredients”
– Rinus Michels, UEFA’s Coach of the Century recipient.

At Okanagan FC, our passionate coaches have many years of experience, working with players during various stages of their development… from the 4-6 year
old players in our “mini” academy, to the graduated university athletes in our senior team, Okanagan FC is well-equipped to help players reach their full potential. Many of our graduates go on to compete at the top levels of soccer in BC. We have had graduates compete in the BCSPL, represent BC through the Provincial Team Program, and even go on to represent Vancouver Whitecaps through their full-time Residency.

At the OFC Academy, we take an uncompromising approach to player development. We firmly believe that the best way to develop players, is to have everything begin and end with the ball. With our academy players, our primary focus is teaching them technical skills and decision making. Our players must become competent with passing, receiving, and dribbling to advance the ball beyond the opponent. These skills must then be applied to realistic game situations, such as 4v4 or 7v7. We always strive to foster a culture of excellence within our groups and will push the players to achieve their optimum performance in a fun, engaging, and high-energy environment.

At the OFC Academy, we believe that quality instruction is crucial for a player’s development. Our groups are focused and will rarely exceed a 12:1 player to coach ratio. Players are not grouped by age, but by their current level as it relates to the development process. All OFC coaches are also qualified with the relevant BC Soccer credentials for each age category.