Following on from a couple of successful matches in Summerland against Africa United, which kicked off our Development Team season, Soccaskool took our teams on their first road trip of the year last weekend, as we headed to Richmond for a series of games against Vancouver-based academies.

On the Saturday we faced TSS, who hosted the games, with our U10s, U11s, U12s and U12/13s. TSS are the largest academy program on the Coast, with about 800 players registered. They have gained an excellent reputation over the years for very high quality programs, excellent coaching and a style of playing soccer which is great to watch. Soccaskool has many similar philosophies to TSS, and we have played them, and been very impressed by them, with various teams, at various tournaments, in the recent past. However, this was the first time that we have matched up against them with identical and multiple age groups, and we were really looking forward to the games and the opportunity to discover how we
would fair against them.

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The games did not disappoint and were very entertaining, with some great soccer on display. In the first two games, featuring our U12s and our U11s playing 8 a side, there was absolutely nothing between the teams and both games were decided by a single goal in the dying minutes, which had the large crowd very excited. Our U10s played some good soccer at times, and showed plenty of promise, as they discovered the level of soccer which we are aiming for. Highlight of the day was the final game which saw us match our 2004/5 groups on the full field for an 11 a side game.  Once again, just like against Africa United, Soccaskool’s players showed that they are just about ready for the full size version of the game. An excellent game with some great play from both teams had the crowd on the edge of their seats once more.

There were many outstanding performances over the course of the day, but deserving of a special mention would be Charlie for the U11s, who was unbelievable, Koen and Kai for the U12s, who turned in fantastic efforts, and both Matteos for the U10s, who ran their hearts out for the team. In the 11 a side game, our team only actually included two 2004s and, of course, Diego and Daxton were both in excellent form as we have come to expect from these two. Soccaskool debut boys Keaton and Presley also had great games and showed us why we added them to the squad this year.

On Sunday morning, before heading back to The Okanagan, we played against SEFA with our younger teams, and against Premier Soccer Academy, again on the full field, with our 2004/5s. Just like the previous day, the 11 a side game was excellent and was only decided by a single PK goal…..which was credit to our team which included three 2006s getting their first experience of the full size game.

All in all a great weekend of soccer, only spoiled by a freak accident
which saw poor Trayton fracture his arm……and we wish him all the
best for a speedy recovery and hope to see him back with the squad soon.