Senior Teams Program Overview

Okanagan FC will field senior teams competing locally in Kelowna at the highest level possible. In 2018, our Mens Team will play in Division A of The Kelowna Mens League (KMSL). In 2019 we will introduce our Womens Team, who will compete in the Kelowna Womens Soccer League (KWSL).

Our Senior Teams will provide an avenue for our youth players to remain attached to the club after U18. Graduating U18 players will always be encouraged to play at the highest level possible and we hope that many of them will go ahead and play soccer at the Varsity level and beyond.  However, not all players will take the university  pathway, and we wish to provide an adult playing platform for all of our players so that they can remain a part of our soccer club and continue to play the game that they love beyond the youth years.

Visit KMSL website here.

Visit KWSL website here.


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