Rodrigo Bruno

Rod’s Bios/introduction:

  • Soccer has always been a passion. Rod believes It boosts and strengthens other areas in life: it develops good habits, increases focus and it’s a powerful self esteem builder.
  • Meninos do Morro”: Sponsor/ Member (since 2015)- Social Project based on a Soccer School Academy for male and female low-income children. Currently the project has around 300 boys/girls registered. The main cause of the project is to generate opportunities to play in a professional soccer team while they learn discipline in school and stay away from drugs or criminality.
  • Played “Sao Paulo INTERCLUBES Tournament”: for “Esporte Clube Banespa – Sao Paulo, Brazil” One of the Sports Crib in Brazil. Players who won the voley gold medal for Brazil trained there. Falcão (futsal player) also played there.
  • Champion Copa Symantec Soccer– Arena Neymar Sao Paulo: The trophy and Medals were delivery by the player Vampeta who won the 5th world cup for Brazil
  • Moved to the Okanagan Valley due to the lifestyle, and also aiming to work with soccer and develop it in the region in a high professional level. #WC26 Project
  • Has lived/studied around 15 years in Europe, Barcelona Fan. Visited some of the main stadiums of La Liga including Villarreal, Valencia, Barcelona Madrid. Visited Training Center Villarreal and Valencia.
  • Has played the semi-pro soccer “copa international in Castellon de la Plana, Spain”.
  • Work experience in Business Development and Marketing in Canada, US, China, Brazil. Executive MBA, focus in Strategic Management/Economics
  • Able to speak fluent English, Spanish and Portuguese, which will make it easier to reach out to clubs and partner in several countries.
  • Has seen famous players training from very close. In the Villareal Training Center when Barcelona played away. Ronaldinho, Messi, Zlatan, Godin, Jozy Altidore, Marcos Senna, among others.
  • In his first year in Kelowna he was invited by KCR/Chamber of commerce to lead and speak in a round the table and be the voice of the new Canadians in the Okanagan, in the event called Ignite Okanagan 2019.