Our Coaches


Our coaches are all full time and part time, qualified, professional coaches. We are passionate about player development, and this is what we do for our living. None of our teams are coached by volunteers, and never will be. Each of our coaches is committed to the BC Soccer and Canadian Soccer Association licensing pathway, and our club is fully committed to the development of our coaching staff as well as our players.


HEAD COACH     Andrew Stevenson

coach andrew

Coach Andrew (above) is technical, tactical, very knowledgeable…a real student of the game in every way, and very popular with the players. Andrew has his National B License and will be working towards his National A License. He is passionate about the game, and about player development. As our Head Coach, Andrew is responsible for providing our technical lead in all aspects of the game. His role is to develop programs within the club that keep us aligned with the Long Term Development Plan of the Canadian Soccer Association. Andrew also acts as a support for our other coaches and effectively acts as Assistant Coach for every one of our teams, providing input and feedback for all of our players.


STAFF COACH    Braden Peters

coach braden

Coach Braden (above) is also a very popular coach with the players. He is young, energetic and very competitive indeed! Braden has been working through his courses on the licensing pathway, and recently gained his Provincial B License, and is now working towards his National B License. This year Braden will be coaching our U12 (2007) Boys and also our U13/14 (2005-6) Boys. He can also play a bit and is the player/coach of our Senior Team in The Kelowna Men’s League.


STAFF COACH    Andy Stevenson

coach andy

Coach Andy (above) is the founder of our club. Andy is knowledgeable and very experienced, with a friendly and relaxed manner and a sense of humour. He has coached multiple TOFC teams in the past but is now fully occupied and committed to the development of Okanagan FC and its players. Andy currently holds his Provincial B License, and will be working towards his National B License. This year Andy will be coaching our U11 (2008) Boys, and both our U12 (2007) and U13 (2006) Girls.


PART TIME COACHES     Morgan Marrs, Marcello Mattera

A new addition to our coaching team, Morgan Marrs (on the left) is a local teacher who has his Masters in Education. Morgan is a very knowledgeable and experienced coach and player. He has played at the University level, in The Pacific Coast Soccer League, and in The Professional Development League. His extensive coaching experience includes stints with The Okanagan Challenge and UBCO, as well as Kelowna United and TOFC at the youth level.

Another new addition to our coaching team, Marcello Mattera (on the right). Marcello has played professionally in his native Costa Rica, as well as in Uruguay and Germany. After retirement from the game he went back to university in Costa Rica to study to be a physiotherapist.  He has been in Kelowna for five years now, working towards transferring his skills to become a licensed physio here in Canada. Marcello hopes to develop his new career in partnership with his true passion and love for the game of soccer, and we are delighted to welcome him to begin doing just that with Okanagan FC.

Both Morgan and Marcello will be working towards their Provincial C Licenses


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