OFC Academy

Quality instruction to help take your game to the next level.

OFC Academy provides high-level supplemental training, available year-round for players of all ages, find the class below that’s the best fit for you. Find full information about OFC Academy or REGISTER HERE.

Summer 2020 Academy Schedule – Click to REGISTER

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OFC Mini Academy (U6-U8)

Even with our very youngest players, we aim to provide top-quality instruction. With a focus on building basic techniques within fun and engaging sessions, the goal is to spark a love of the game that will last a lifetime. Register here.

OFC Academy (U9-U12) (U13-U16)

Here we begin stage 3 of the LTPD. We focus on building strong standards and training habits, to build a foundation for excellence in the future. For our U13+ supplemental players, we offer once per week high-level training focussed on sharpening the technical basics of the players, in line with stage 4 of LTPD. Register here.

OFC Goalkeeping Academy

Goalkeeping specialist Tom McGill began work with OFC in 2019, training the team goalkeepers. We are delighted to say that our academy goalkeepers will now have access to his sessions as well. Every great team needs a great keeper! Register here.

Also don’t miss the OFC Women’s Academy, quality once per week training for women of all ages and ability! REGISTER HERE

The most specific points of attention with young players must be to develop the skills required to play 4v4 and 7v7 as in passing, receiving or dribbling to advance the ball past an opponent. The game form provides a base wherein ingredients such as time, space, direction, speed, opponents and enjoyment come into play. The good coach (cook) knows how to play with these ingredients.

Rinus Michels – UEFA Coach of the Century

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