Coaching Philosophy:

We believe at Okanagan FC, that providing the best possible instruction to our groups is something that sets us aside from most other programs in the region (and even the province). Not only do all of our coaching staff have the relevant qualifications from BC Soccer, but are above and beyond that as well. Every one of our Okanagan FC coaches has a minimum of a Provincial Qualification from BC Soccer as well as having experience with working in the BCSPL (BC Soccer Premier League) which is the level that we hope to pass off our development team players to.


All of our coaches prioritize development over the results of the team and will look for teachable moments in mistakes and disappointing performances. As outlined in our development philosophy, our coaches will look to establish an environment in their groups where the kids can thrive and look to achieve their full potential. Our coaches all work in soccer full-time and have a massive passion for the game, which we hope has a positive impact on our teams and players!

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