OFC General Terms and Conditions

Liability Waiver

By indicating your acceptance, you acknowledge the above-named registrant is participating in this Soccaskool/Okanagan FC event. You further agree that Soccaskool/Okanagan FC, it’s affiliates and their coaches, staff and volunteers shall not be liable or responsible for any injury that may occur during participation in this event and expressly release them from same.

Image Rights Waiver

By indicating your acceptance, you understand and agree that the Soccaskool/Okanagan FC staff may take photographic or video images of the above-named registrant. You further grant Soccaskool/Okanagan FC the right to use such image or likeness in connection with promotion of Soccaskool/Okanagan FC.

Air Quality Policy

Okanagan FC/Soccaskool has an Air Quality Policy in place that is centred around our number one concern for the health and well being of our players and staff.
Our policy will be to adhere to the BC Soccer Air Quality Best Practise Guideline and to modify or cancel/reschedule training sessions and matches when the BC AQHI (British Columbia Air Quality Health Index) shows that the local air quality is a cause for concern.
AQHI less than 4 will mean practises and matches will go ahead as normal
AQHI 4-6 will mean that practises and matches may be modified to allow for poor air quality conditions.
AQHI 7 and higher will mean that practises and matches will be postponed or cancelled.

Academy Refund Policy

Refund requests received 4 days or more before the start of a phase will be granted, less a $25 admin fee.
Refund requests received within 4 days of the start of the phase or during a phase will incur a $50 cancellation fee plus the $25 admin fee.
Refund requests received for medical reasons will be granted upon receipt of a note from a medical professional, less any sessions already transpired and less a $25 admin fee.
No partial refunds will be issued for individual sessions missed by the participant.
No partial refunds will be issued in event that a full or part session is cancelled due to extreme weather/air quality or for any other reason deemed unsafe or not in the best interest of the participant. Efforts will be made to reschedule but  this is not guaranteed.
Once approved, refunds can take up to 4 weeks to process.