Ball Striking

Be sure to practice safe physical distancing while doing any of our partner practices during the COVID19 situation. Follow the links to find the latest health advisories.

Outside of the foot

Learning to use the outside of your foot effectively is an important step in widening your range of passing options. In this video, Andrew and Braden show you some tips to improving this part of your game.

Side & Scissor Volleys

In this edition of “Building a Better Soccer Athlete” we look at a couple of advanced volleying techniques. Be sure to have worked on our more basic laces striking and volleying before venturing into these!

Traditional Volleys

Follow along with Andrew and Braden as they take us through a series of basic exercises to help improve your technique!

Laces Ball-Striking

In this video, Coach Andrew walks us through a variety of laces ball-striking techniques. The video covers lofts, dives and shots using the laces.

Side-Foot Finishing

This week, we take a closer look at shooting with the inside of the foot. Make sure to brush up on your low passing and curling technique as they’re essential for these finishes.

Low Passing and Introduction to Curling

In our first focussed OFC video training session, Andrew and Braden take you through the basics of low passing technique and give an introduction to curling the ball. Stick around until the end of the video to catch our ball-striking challenge!

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