PCSL Update


The Okanagan FC PCSL squad are currently full scale into pre season preparations and looking forward to an exciting season of top quality local soccer in The Pacific Coast Soccer League. The team is training twice a week and working hard on all aspects of the game. Pre season strength and conditioning program is being run by Brandon McCallum and HDC Performance, and the players are working hard on improving their fitness. Coaching staff and players are getting to know each other better and the group is beginning to gel properly as a team.

ROSTER…The initial 21 player roster has been set and can be viewed HERE. The squad has been joined by a couple of trialists this week who will be hoping to be added as permanent members. We will also be announcing some new signings soon, as we are joined by players arriving from out of town university programs.

MATCH SCHEDULE…The full season game schedule has been published and can be viewed HERE. The season kicks off with a short trip to Penticton, followed by several other away games. First home game is against Penticton once again on June 9th at The Apple Bowl. June and July are busy months with our home fixtures being played at The Apple Bowl on Saturday afternoons at 4pm or Sundays at noon.

SEASON TICKETS…Are now on sale. Full details for how and where to purchase season tickets can be found HERE. We have an ambitious target of getting 1000 people out to watch our home games at The Apple Bowl. We aim to provide a good local soccer matchday experience which will be fun to come along and be a part of. We are hoping that Kelowna’s soccer community will get behind us and join us for home games, creating an exciting atmosphere in an iconic stadium.

EXHIBITION GAME…Penticton 2-0 Okanagan FC was not the result we were looking for in our first pre season game at Kings Park, Penticton this weekend. However, it was definitely a learning curve for our staff and players and we discovered plenty about our team and our prospects for the season ahead, as well as a little about one of our opponents ! Penticton brought a level of intensity to this game which caught us by surprise a little, and clearly showed their intent to establish an intense local rivalry with us as the season progresses. The game was a somewhat scrappy affair, which threatened to boil over on more than one occasion and the scene has been set for an interestingĀ  PCSL season opener back in Penticton in May. For us, the match was largely a training exercise and we look forward to making some adjustments to improve our team in time for our next exhibition match, which will be against TSS Rovers in Richmond on April 27th. We will look forward to giving our friends from Penticton a warm welcome to Kelowna on June 9th !


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