Invitational Tryout

Thank you to everybody who came out to this week’s PCSL open tryout sessions at UBCO. Here is the list of players invited to attend tonight’s (Thusday March 14th) final session at UBCO at 8.30pm.

pcsl logo

George Smallridge

Dan Thornton

Noriyuki Nakanishi

Spencer Young

Ryunosuke Ahsan

Darrell Plantz

Alex Thompson

Davion Hutchinson

Braden Peters

Max Morgan

Brandon McCallum

David Bond

Lucas Hicklin

Lloyd Larsen

Kirby Carter

Markus Roth

Mees Geelkerken

Noah Dueck

Carson Murray

Randy Hubber

Harry Butler

Christian Artavia

Laszlo Toth

Jorge Angel-Mira

Emre Kermen

Fabrice Fanfani

Jordan Hesketh

Kevaughn Thames

Tristan Moench

Dalmain Newland

Angel Camejo Gonzales


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